Rainbow Pheasant - artwork by Calina Lefter
Rainbow Pheasant - artwork by Calina Lefter

Rainbow Pheasant - artwork by Calina Lefter

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Dimensions (cm)
50w x 50h (thickness 4) cm
Single panel - Cotton deep canvas
dripping and palette knife
oil, acrylic, walnut ink crystals
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One day when I had my daily walking routine I saw the most pheasants in one place. This amazing colourful bird can be seen in the suburbs of the Henley on Thames' (North Reading). They are least common in upland and urban areas. They can usually be seen in the open countryside near woodland edges, copses and hedgerows.

Honestly, I didn’t even know how noisy they could be if they are disturbed in their quiet country environment.

Anyway, I would like a pheasant of this amazing colours to be a model for me one day at my studio. Till then I’ll keep inspiring myself from my short trips in their wild world close to my house.

I use high quality colours and gallery wrap canvas (has staples at the back). The painting’s edges are already varnished in harmony with rest of the composition. The artwork can be already hung on your wall.

Last coat of gloss varnish gives preciousness and protects artwork by harmful external factors.

No need to frame - looks fabulous in this contemporary style.

I believe this handsome pheasant painting will create an impressive statement in your house.